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11月30日,2018,the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid 18lucknet手机版Services (CMS) published 83 Fed.规则。62152,它建议修改医疗保险D部分(处方药福利)和医疗保险优势(管理式护理)提供的药物计划,以减少受益人的现款成本。提议的规则是特朗普政府的四… Continue reading this entry


特朗普总统刚刚签署了法律Special Registration for Telemedicine Act of 2018"(行动),要求药品监督管理局(DEA)启动一项特殊登记,允许医生和护士从业者通过远程医疗处方受管制物质,而无需亲自检查。The DEA has no more than one year to complete the task.… Continue reading this entry

新利18app下载Health Care Policy Happenings - October 1 - 5,2018

In case you missed it,here are some key 新利18app下载health care policy headlines from the past week.国会立法和委员会活动亚历山大:参议院发送阿片类药物立法地标由麦康奈尔领导致总统——周三,美国参议院以98票对1票通过,《支持病人和社区法》,赞助商… Continue reading this entry

Top 5 Ways Tele新利18app下载health Will Change Under the New Federal Funding Bill

远程医疗行业在得知有利于供应商的立法列入2018年新的联邦两党预算法后一直在热烈讨论,总统于2月9日签署成为法律,2018.  But tele新利18app下载health providers,医院,and entrepreneurs need to cut through the hype and understand what the provisions will really do for tele新利18app下载health.  This … Continue reading this entry


7月13日,the Senate released the updated version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) of 2017.虽然新版本对参议院最初的提案作了一些重大修改,the major components of the original bill remain intact.… Continue reading this entry

17 Measures Every 新利18app下载Health Care Organization Should Consider to Reduce the Risk of Cyber-Intrusions

The importance of privacy in the 新利18app下载health care industry starts at the most basic level between a patient,a doctor,还有医生的笔记本电脑。当你观察整个支付者和提供者的网络时,重要性和复杂性的水平呈指数级增长。The amount of data produced and stored in these organizations is staggering … Continue reading this entry


Of the many business,operational,合法的,regulatory and clinical obstacles standing in the way of widespread delivery of personalized medicine,唯一最大的挑战可能在于解决偿付难题。个性化药物的倡导者认为,它能更好地照顾患者,as therapy is targeted specific to an individual,而且… Continue reading this entry

Obamacare in the Cross Hairs — but Procedural Hurdles Loom

President-elect Trump and congressional Republicans have promised to"废除和替换”the Affordable Care Act (ACA),but there is deep division regarding which provisions will be rescinded and around the details of the replacement and the length of any transition period.… Continue reading this entry