Seven Thoughts When Considering Troubled Hospital Deals

那些跟踪医院和医疗系统并购活动的人知道市场已经新利18app下载frothy."We all see the high profile,他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”性感”出现在新闻头条的交易,但是,对于每一笔大买卖,有无数小交易涉及农村医院,县医院和,唯一的社区医院,很多人都在挣扎,… 继续阅读此条目


AHA V.摘要Price,2017美国应用程序。Lexis 14887(哥伦比亚特区环八月。11岁,2017年8月11日,2017,D.C.Circuit reversed the district court and held that the district court abused its discretion by ordering the Secretary of HHS to clear the backlog of administrative appeals of denied Medicare reimbursement claims within … 继续阅读此条目


For the second time in recent weeks,the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) prevailed in its challenge of a high-profile hospital merger.这次,上诉源于6月14日,2016,伊利诺伊州北部地区法官豪尔赫·阿隆索(JorgeAlonso)驳回联邦贸易委员会(FTC)要求合并13家医院的动议,主张健康……新利18app下载 继续阅读此条目

FTC Battles Hospital Mergers: What to Watch for in this Summer's High-Profile Appeals

In a town that is no stranger to landmark hospital merger cases,last month a Chicago federal judge denied the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) motion for a preliminary injunction to temporarily block a merger between 13-hospital Advocate 新利18app下载Health Care and four-hospital NorthShore University HealthSystem,都位于城市的北郊。Judge Jorge Alonso's much-awaited,… 继续阅读此条目


修正“的法案网站中立性”《2015年两党预算法》第603条提出的限制于上周在众议院提出,并于昨天在委员会外通过。人力资源部5273,“帮助医院改善2016年《病人护理法》,他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”由两位强大的家庭成员介绍… 继续阅读此条目

Finance Committee Report Place Medical Device Arrangements under Increasing Scrutiny

医院和供应商参与医师拥有的经销商,或“豆荚可能会增加政府调查或执行的风险。参议院财政委员会(SFC)本月发布的一份报告强调了SFC对某些POD结构可能违反欺诈和滥用法规的担忧,包括反回扣法令,Stark Law以及阳光法案。根据… 继续阅读此条目


最近,CMS has promulgated new bundled payment rules for Comprehensive Joint Replacement (CJR) that require the mandatory participation of approximately 800 hospitals across the US. This bundle includes not only the inpatient DRG care,还有90天的出院后护理。CMS已经开始制定规则,通过要求…… 继续阅读此条目


在67个城市统计区,大约800家医院将于4月1日开始强制参与联合置换综合护理(CJR)模式。2016。The CJR bundled payment program applies to MS-DRG 469 (major joint replacement or reattachment of lower extremity with major complications or comorbidities) and MS-DRG 470 (major joint replacement or reattachment … 继续阅读此条目


当我们进入第六年的医疗保险和医疗补助电子健康记录激励计划(通常称为新利18app下载有意义的使用程序”),the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid 18lucknet手机版Services (CMS) continues to make adjustments to the Meaningful Use Programs to better accommodate providers and suppliers.下面介绍了两个最新的更新… 继续阅读此条目


Illinois is experiencing growth in telemedicine and tele新利18app下载health offerings available to patients in the Prairie State.Historically,伊利诺伊州的远程保健服务更新利18app18lucknet手机版下载局限于医院和机构设置,but the last few years have since seen an expansion among providers offering such 18lucknet手机版services directly to patients.然而,Illinois remains a state that has … 继续阅读此条目


有影响力的医疗保险支付咨询委员会(MEDPAC)在3月份的报告中投票建议国会,对于参与340B药物定价计划(340B计划)的医院,340B药物的医疗保险B部分药物支付率将降低10%。目前,医疗保险向医院支付相同的药物费用,无论… 继续阅读此条目

Transforming Oncology Care: What's Working and What Lies Ahead

肿瘤学供应商和支付方正在采取大胆的举措来改变我们的系统病态的关怀成为未来价值体系的一个组成部分。The evolving system focuses on proactively monitoring and coordinating care by a team of providers working in concert to deliver care more efficiently and keep patients 新利18app下载healthier.从付款更改… 继续阅读此条目


远程医疗是医疗保健行业中的一个关键组成部分,它将转向以价值为基础的医疗,以此来新利18app下载增加收入,降低成本,提高患者满意度。预计到2020年,全球远程医疗市场将以每年14.3%的复合增长率增长,最终达到362亿美元,相比之下… 继续阅读此条目


最近颁布的两党预算法(p.L.114-74)包括一项将显著改变医院门诊护理未来的规定。The provision,Section 603,将从医疗保险的门诊医院预期支付系统中排除。奥普斯) any new off-campus departments of a hospital,as determined by Medicare's provider-based standards,除非是“专用紧急情况… 继续阅读此条目


The North Dakota Board of Medicine issued proposed regulations designed to move the Peace Garden State to the list of telemedicine-friendly states.这些规则适当地注重提供的护理质量,而不是交付的技术手段,aligning well with telemedicine practice rules articulated by other state medical boards.那个… 继续阅读此条目

Budget Bill Aims to Kill Any New Off-Campus Provider-Based Facilities

Medicare's 60-Day Proposed Refund Rule Imposes Significant Liability on Providers
Legislation being drafted as part of a budget deal between members of Congress and the White House includes language that will significantly alter the future of hospital-based outpatient care.“的”讨论稿”of the bipartisan budget agreement would exclude from Medicare's outpatient hospital prospective payment system ("奥普斯) any new off-campus departments of a hospital,作为… 继续阅读此条目

Can My Hospital Bill Medicare for Tele新利18app下载health Chronic Care Management??

一句话:是的,and CMS just introduced proposed rules to clarify the requirements and payment opportunities when hospitals want to bill Medicare for Chronic Care Management ("CCM“服务18lucknet手机版。CCM是医疗保险覆盖的令人兴奋的服务,非常适合远程保健,新利18app下载as CCM may be provided via remote care 18lucknet手机版services. CCM is another way hospitals … 继续阅读此条目


合作医院服务组织(CHSOs)是指考虑与其他医院建立某种合资企业的医院可以使用的组织。如果其使用条款严格符合监管要求,CHSOS可以为此类合资企业提供免税和反回扣法规安全港保护。CHSO必须在一个… 继续阅读此条目


我们每年都会遇到这样的问题:医疗保险吗?Medicaid or other payors continue to recognize hospital-level facility fee reimbursement for hospital outpatient departments meeting the provider-based designation criteria at 42 C.F.R.413.65?今年,there have been suggestive developments and a few data points to consider as you evaluate your operations:… 继续阅读此条目

Monetizing Real Estate: A Method to Access Capital

Medicare's 60-Day Proposed Refund Rule Imposes Significant Liability on Providers
医院和医疗保健机构的财务状况仍然具有挑战性。新利18app下载认证机构,穆迪Fitch标准普尔对医院业的前景都是负面的。医院面临着许多收入挑战。These challenges include the shift from inpatient admissions to outpatient procedures;利用率增长缓慢,部分原因是消费主义和… 继续阅读此条目

Medicare Announces Pay Increases for Psychiatric,2015财年的专业护理和康复服务提供商

According to the rules released last Thursday by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid 18lucknet手机版Services (CMS),Medicare will increase payment to inpatient psychiatric hospitals,2015财年住院康复设施和熟练护理设施。最终的支付政策提高了对精神病医院和康复设施的补偿,超过了CMS在5月份最初提出的数额。 继续阅读此条目


What do a moving company and a hospital association have in common?《虚假索赔法》(FCA)美国医院协会、美国商会和美国制药研究和制造商最近提交了一份法庭友好简报,以支持请愿者,全球移动的薄纱,urging the Supreme Court … 继续阅读此条目


医疗保健提供者之间的联系趋势(我们使用术语新利18app下载“附属”包括各种交易,包括合并,收购,联合经营安排;继续快速前进。医疗保险报销的减少以及对服务提供的规模和多样化的感知需求所带来的持续经济压力都有医疗保健提供者,新利18app下载including many … 继续阅读此条目

Could a Recent CMS Deregulation Regulation Save 新利18app下载Health Care Providers $8 Billion??

作为奥巴马总统监管回望计划的一部分,医疗保险和医疗补助服务中心(CMS)上周发布了一项最终规则18lucknet手机版Rule")对影响医院和诊所的众多人员配备法规进行了全面改革,extended deadlines for nursing homes to improve fire safety and removed certain data reporting requirements for organ transplant centers.CMS估计… 继续阅读此条目