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Understanding Medicare's New Remote Evaluation of Pre-Recorded Patient Information (Asynchronous Telemedicine)

Starting January 1,2019,the Medicare program will cover certain medical 18lucknet手机版services delivered via asynchronous telemedicine technologies.The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid 18lucknet手机版Services (CMS) just published the final rule for the 2019 Physician Fee Schedule,introducing a new code,officially titled"Remote Evaluation of Pre-Recorded Patient Information"(HCPCS code G2010).This article provides the … Continue reading this entry

Telemedicine Investors Roundtable Focuses on Progress,Barriers,and ROI

As telemedicine continues to see significant traction,新利18app下载health care organizations are working to implement telemedicine programs and  create technology infrastructures all while working within the current legislative requirements.Foley & 18luck电脑版Lardner LLP and Ziegler recently had an opportunity to sit down with 15 leaders in telemedicine to discuss the progress,barriers,and return on investment … Continue reading this entry

Medicare Proposes (and Rejects) New Tele新利18app18lucknet手机版下载health Services for 2019

The telemedicine industry was pleased to learn CMS recently proposed adding new 18lucknet手机版services to its list of Medicare-covered tele新利18app下载health services.  But what may be more interesting are the services CMS declined to add,and why.  This article summarizes the newly-proposed additions as well as the 18lucknet手机版services CMS rejected,explores some reasons for CMS' decisions,and … Continue reading this entry

New Connecticut Law Allows Telemedicine Prescribing of Controlled Substances

Connecticut has taken another step towards expanding the meaningful use of telemedicine in connection with treatment of mental 新利18app下载health and substance use disorders.  SB 302,signed by Governor Dannel Malloy and effective July 1,2018,allows providers to prescribe controlled substances via telemedicine for the treatment of psychiatric disabilities or substance use disorder,including medication … Continue reading this entry

Sharing and Mining Patient Data in Digital 新利18app下载Health and Telemedicine: Laws You Need to Know

data mining
The use of new technologies such as digital 新利18app下载health applications,telemedicine,and information exchanges can provide game-changing benefits for providers and patients alike.  However,with increased sharing comes increased risks to both the security and the privacy of patient information.  Most digital 新利18app下载health and telemedicine companies are aware of data security and breaches.  However,an … Continue reading this entry

10 Tips for Complying with Georgia's Telemedicine Laws

On January 22,2018,the Georgia House of Representatives adopted a Resolution recognizing tele新利18app下载health as an important tool to improving access to health care in Georgia.One week later,the Georgia Senate recognized January 30,2018,as Tele新利18app下载health Day at the State Capitol.The Peach State clearly remains an enthusiastic pioneer in its use of … Continue reading this entry

Medicare's New Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement: What Providers Need to Know

The new year continues to offer big opportunities for telemedicine and digital 新利18app下载health companies,and one of the most notable developments is CMS' decision to reimburse providers for remote patient monitoring (RPM).  Effective January 1,2018,the Medicare program will pay providers for RPM 18lucknet手机版services billed under CPT code 99091.  The service is currently defined … Continue reading this entry

Ten Things To Know 18luck电脑版About Maryland's Prop新利18app下载osed Telehealth Rules

medicare tele新利18app下载health
The Maryland Board of Physicians evaluated,then tabled for further consideration,a set of new tele新利18app下载health rules designed to expand the opportunities for hospitals and providers to deliver virt18lucknet手机版ual care services in Baltimore and throughout the State.  The Board held a public hearing on January 24,2018 to review proposed tele新利18app下载health rules originally issued late … Continue reading this entry

Digital 新利18app下载Health Care Investors Summit Highlights Digital Health Expansion

digital 新利18app下载health
In early December,leading experts in digital 新利18app下载health and telemedicine came together at the Digital Health Care Investors Summit hosted by18luck电脑版 Foley & Lardner LLP and Deloitte.The Summit explored innovations in digital 新利18app下载health care technology that help promote continuity of care and increase patient access to hea18lucknet手机版lth care services.… Continue reading this entry

Joint Commission Introduces New Accreditation Standards for Tele新利18app18lucknet手机版下载health Services

Editor's note:  Following publication of our blog post,The Joint Commission contacted 新利18app下载Health Care Law Today on September 14,2017 and informed us it will not move forward at this time with its proposed ambulatory telemedicine standards.The Joint Commission said it continues to evaluate options,and additional comments may be sent to Mary Brockway,… Continue reading this entry

Participate in Foley's Telemedicine & Digital 新利18app下载Health Survey

As readers of 新利18app下载Health Care Law Today,we would very much value your feedback to our Telemedicine & Digital 新利18app下载Health Survey.The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and individual survey responses will be kept confidential.To participate,click here or paste the following link into a web browser: https://research.zarca.com/r/dhif3e… Continue reading this entry

Medicare Payments for Tele新利18app下载health Increased 28% in 2016: What You Should Know

Tele新利18app下载health providers can celebrate another successful year of growth,as CMS reported a 28% increase over total 2016 payments for tele新利18app18lucknet手机版下载health services under the Medicare program.Providers continue to successfully integrate tele新利18app18lucknet手机版下载health services into their traditional health care delivery approaches,and are realizing payment opportunities both within the Medicare FFS program and in other sources … Continue reading this entry

Alaska's Telemedicine Business Registry: What You Need to Know

telemedicine business registry
Alaska's Department of Commerce,Community,and Economic Development has finalized new regulations to create a special Telemedicine Business Registry for 新利18app下载health care providers delivering tele18lucknet手机版medicine services in the Frontier State.The regulations in Title 12,Chapter 02 of the Alaska Administrative Code were effective on April 28,2017 and implement provisions of Alaska SB 74 … Continue reading this entry

New Jersey's Telemedicine Law: What Providers Need to Know

new jersey telemedicine
New Jersey has a new telemedicine law,recently signed by Governor Chris Christie.The law cements the validity of tele新利18app18lucknet手机版下载health services in the Garden State,establishes telemedicine practice standards,and imposes tele新利18app下载health coverage requirements for New Jersey Medicaid,Medicaid managed care,commercial 新利18app下载health plans,and other State-funded 新利18app下载health insurance.After a year of debate in … Continue reading this entry

Prescribing Controlled Substances Without an In-Person Exam: The Practice of Telemedicine Under the Ryan Haight Act

Editor's Note: This article is the second in a series addressing telemedicine prescribing and controlled substances,designed to give some much needed practical guidance and orientation to established 新利18app下载healthcare providers,hospitals,and entrepreneurs alike.The first article addressed federal rules for prescribing controlled substances under the Ryan Haight Act.  Subsequent articles will discuss the prescribing … Continue reading this entry

Ohio Telemedicine Prescribing and Controlled Substances Laws

The Ohio Medical Board just last week adopted new rules for telemedicine prescribing of drugs and controlled substances,allowing providers to prescribe drugs via telemedicine without conducting an in-person examination.  Effective March 23,2017,the new rule 4731-11-09 and rule 7331-11-01 set forth the requirements a physician must follow when prescribing via telemedicine in Ohio.… Continue reading this entry